Yes, Orangie is interested to partner with businessmen and women from different countries.

1 year warranty is provided as well as ongoing support after warranty ends.

We offer free training for daily problems that can arise, and if a more serious issue occurs we can send an engineer to inspect the matter. We provide an extra set of spare parts in case any replacement is needed.

We will provide free guidance to repair and charge only for spare parts that are needed to be changed.

The juicing equipment requires once a day cleaning. The process of replacing the juicing equipment is 10-15 minutes.

The machine uses a liquid sensor to control the liquid level.

Orangie will supply you with oranges, cups, and lids for the best market prices that are available on a regular basis. This way you can concentrate on expanding the business.

No, Orangie is strict on quality control and requires all licensed business owners of the Orangie vending machines to purchase the supplies from the Orangie organization.

The machine is shipped by sea and is professionally packaged to guarantee its arrival in perfect condition. The shipping fee is determined by location.

About 300 oranges, which gives about 70 servings. But, the machine will notify you when there are 10 servings left so you can refill the machine before it gets empty.

The machine uses food class material with built-in ozone disinfection and refrigerator that stores the oranges at 5 ℃

Checking wholesale orange price and find best location in city.

Orangie has a strong team of engineers skilled with software, electric and mechanical knowledge. By joining us, you become part of the Orangie family and you join the fight towards a healthier tomorrow. We provide you our personal attention to get your business operating as fast as possible.

With consistent research and development, you can rest assured that your vending machines are up to date with modern technology.