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With our automatic vending machine you can offer a new healthy snack concept to your clients. Freshly squeezed juice, anywhere, 100% natural and always fresh. Because vending can also be healthy.

What are the BENEFITS?

Receive 5-10% from revenue
Free Ad space on screens

Why Choose Orangie?


Professional R&D

Professional engineers in structure, electrical and software can provide clients with reliable and affordable freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine solutions.

Always Fresh 24/7

With a refrigerated top storage compartment, the oranges stay in a cool environment of 5 degrees Celsius to maintain freshness.

Intelligent System

Autonomous squeezing system and remote monitoring APP. Sensors are placed throughout the machine for alerts and monitoring data.

Large Illuminated Window

The customers can watch the entire juicing process in action, which increases the level of interest in the machine.

Easy Payment System

Coin and paper cash slot, credit card and e-wallet payments are all available for the convenience of the customers.

Easy Maintenance

Daily replacement of all juicing components takes roughly 30 minutes to complete along with the re-fill of fresh oranges.

Digital Signage

Use three large TV screens to run commercial ads for local businesses to generate extra revenue.

Real Time Monitoring

The most advanced remote telemetry system, you can control your machines from your computer, tablet, or smartphone and have sales figures, reports, and general status.

About Us

Lead the Charge Towards a Healthier Tomorrow

Orangie is a team of young entrepreneurs dedicated to bringing a healthier option to vending machines worldwide. With over 2 billion obese and overweight individuals on the planet, our short-term goal is to bring awareness to kids and adults alike about dangerous health risks associated with soft drinks, concentrated juices, sugary drinks, and unhealthy snacks that contain artificial sugar.

Our long-term goal is to provide assistance to the global issue of unclean water, and accelerate the process of providing access to clean water for over 600 million people that do not have that right today. By joining Orangie you become part of a global solution.

Earn INSTANT Return on Investment!


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